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The Clayful Artist studio was created by Cleveland native Nikki DeLong in 2014. Locally owned and operated, the studio served as a center for creating art and making memories. Unfortunately, because of the 2020 pandemic the Studio closed its doors after almost 7 wonderful years. At this time there are no plans of reopening. Nikki still offers private art classes at Cleveland's new canvas painting studio, Uniquely Creative.


To those interested, you can reach Nikki by phone. Text 423.310.8715. Or, you can call Tonia Anderson, Uniquely Creative Owner, at 423.645.2872. 

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who loved the studio and supported it over the years! You helped make my wildest dream come true." - Nikki DeLong


Art has been an important part of my life since childhood. I believe art has a profound effect on people's lives. It opens doors of communication, offers therapy for emotions, and provides a sense of accomplishment. I am a self taught artist across all mediums but my passion is ceramics. Starting a studio in Cleveland was always my dream. At 21, that dream became a reality when I opened The Clayful Artist. 

Nikki DeLong


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